2017 Week 46 Roundup – WCQ, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga

After a week of no betting, I could restrain myself no longer and started the week by betting on the World Cup play-offs with mixed results. A bit of luck on Saturday meant I didn’t lose any money (though I came real close!), and 3 correct predictions in a row on Sunday meant I ended the week up $163.84 with 6/8 predictions going my way.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.40.36 PM.png

Some quick thoughts on my action in week 46:

  1. My overconfidence in the Ireland and Denmark game ending up in a stalemate backfired horribly when Eriksen ran riot with a hattrick.
  2. I came super close to losing on Over 3 bets in the Roma v Lazio and Napoli v AC Milan games. Thanks to some late goals (with one at the very death in the Napoli game), I managed to avoid losing on both these games. Good thing I didn’t buckle under pressure and sell my action!
  3. Was extremely proud of my 3 predictions on Sunday coming through, and was only slightly disappointed that I didn’t bet more on the Inter game as I had the best feeling about that one.

All in all, it was a great week, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up in week 47, especially with UCL games coming up!

As usual, I won’t be including mix parlay’s in the prediction count, though I do include the profit & loss.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (89/172) / 51.7%

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $435.16

2017 Week 41 Roundup – World Cup Qualifiers, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, & Mix Parlays

After a slow burner last time around, I am up $76.60 this week, with 5/7 in the green.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.49.53 PM.pngA few quick remarks on the the weeks action:

  1. Placed a bet in the 9th or 10th minute on the Lyon v Monaco game, and they scored within a minute or two which was really fortunate on my part.
  2. Support bets on Real Madrid this season don’t seem to be working out just yet, so I’ll be scaling back on them, or betting much less. Ronaldo missed an open goal, and Getafe’s goal looked suspiciously offside, but the ball is round I guess.
  3. Roma vs Napoli was a real disappointment as I was expecting a barrage of goals involving both these teams, and was the pick I had the most confidence in this week. Funny game, football.
  4. Got really lucky on the Paris game as I placed an over bet at half time when it was still 0-0, and a late Dijon equaliser and an even later PSG winner meant I picked up a full win!
  5. Mauro Icardi, what a player. He completed his hattrick with a last minute penalty, which also sealed my biggest win of the week as Inter beat AC Milan 3-2 in the Milan derby.

As usual, I won’t be including mix parlay’s in the prediction count, though I do include the profit & loss.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (69/136) / 50.7%

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $72.75

2017 Week 40 Roundup – World Cup Qualifiers & Mix Parlays

After a stellar week 39, it’s time for the international break which is a real party pooper as it means less games to bet on, and no action on my fantasy football.

I’ve always told myself to avoid qualifiers as there is simply not enough information to make calculated risks, but I guess with no other options I ended up betting anyway.

The addiction is real.

All in al, I’m up $10.28 and 2/5 predictions right for the week.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.24.28 PM.png

Some thoughts on the week:

  • France really let me down. If they had cleared the over 3 line, I would have won a healthy Mix Parlay as well. It’s just lucky that I saw the score was 1-0 at the 60th minute when I woke up out of the blue, and decided to sell my action to get some money back.

As usual, I won’t be including mix parlay’s in the prediction count, though I do include the profit & loss.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (64/129) / 49.6

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : -$3.85

2017 Week 35 & 36 – SEA Games, WCQ, BPL, & Serie A

Due to the break for the World Cup Qualifiers, there wasn’t much action in week 35, which is why I’ve condensed Week 35 and 36 into the same post.

During week 35, I told myself to stay away from international games as they usually don’t bode too well, and it’s really hard to gauge the form of nations due to the small sample size and the fact that the players don’t play with each other frequently.

However, I wasn’t able to stay away, and ended up taking Malaysia (as it is my patriotic duty) in the final of the SEA Games against Thailand, and betting Under 2.5 on Hungary vs Latvia as I figured it’d be a low scoring affair.

Sadly, my home nation lost on home soil to Thailand, and the Hungarians and Latvians indulged in a goal fest to put me deep in the red for week 35.

Thankfully, things turned around during week 36, though I regret foolishly betting on the long odds of Liverpool beating City at the Etihad. Thankfully the fact that it rained goals over the weekend meant I got all my Over bets right!

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.30.13 PM.png

  • Malaysia (+0.25) in Malaysia vs Thailand – LOSE $18
  • Under 2.5 on Hungary vs Latvia – LOSE $32
  • Over 3 on Man City vs Liverpool – WIN $43.50
  • Liverpool to win – LOSE $36
  • Over 2.5 on Leicester vs Chelsea – WIN $44.50
  • Over 2.5 on Juventus vs Chievo – WIN $25
  • Swansea (-0.25) in Swansea vs Newcastle – LOSE $8.80
  • Over 2.75 on Bologna vs Napoli – WIN $ 13.70

Overall, I am up $31.90 for these 2 weeks. It’s a small amount, but every small step is a step toward rebuilding my roll!

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (44/89) / 49.4%

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : -$245.56