Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid & Lazio vs Juventus betting tips UPDATE


  1. Celta Vigo 1 – 4 Real Madrid
    $26 on Real Madrid (-1.75 handicap) @ 0.79
    Won roughly $20.50 on this match thanks to the late Kroos goal. We just need 1 more point at Malaga and La Liga is ours. Hala Madrid!

  2. Juventus 2 – 0 Lazio
    $49 on Over 2.25 @ 0.88
    AND $49 on Juve to win in FT @ 2.12

– sold my action on the Over 2.25 bet at the 85th minute to only suffer a loss of $9 instead of $24.50 as I figured Juve would just shut up shop when up 2-0

– Won almost $55 on the other bet. A lot of regret for not seeing the odds of 2.12 before betting on Over 2.25, or I would definitely have put it all on Juve to win. It was great odds, and I’m surprised they offered such a healthy payout considering Juve were heavy favourites.

Up $66.80 on the night.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (7/12)

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $127.40

Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid & Lazio vs Juventus betting tips

Considering it’s the middle of the week, it’s surprising to turn up so many games I’m tempted to have a flutter on.

In the end, I decided to settle on these 2 games. After last night’s horrible luck with WBA’s late goal, I’ve identified 3 bets in which I can recoup my losses. They’re listed below with some of my thoughts behind them:

1) $26 on Real Madrid (-1.75 handicap) @ 0.79
This is a support bet, pure and simple. I am such a fanboy.

However, I believe Real will be able to edge this game by 2 goals to continue their march toward the La Liga title, which will mean I can win half my bet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.00.56 PM.png

2) $49 on Over 2.25 @ 0.88 AND $49 on Juve to win in FT @ 2.12
– Obviously, I believe Juve will win in 90 minutes. They’re probably the most complete team in Europe right now, though it pains myself to say it.

– I doubt Juve will concede in the final, but they’re perfectly capable of scoring 3 goals to clear the 2.25 line. Perhaps leading 2-0 and hit Lazio on the break when they’re throwing everything forward? 2-1 would suit me just fine as well!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.13.48 PM.png