2018 Week 5 Roundup – TIM, BPL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga

After a slow and steady week 4, I told myself to keep it up, and managed to book a win of $199.49, with 8/15 predictions going my way, though the week wasn’t panning out too good until the last day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.41.21 PM.png

The week didn’t start too well, but I wasn’t stuck too badly. Unluckily for me, the games which I bet bigger on would end up losers, while the ones I bet less on would book a win. As I entered the final day, I was down about $206 for the week, with a few chances for a comeback.

If I continued the recklessness I showed in previous weeks, I’d probably have laid $500 or more on a game to book a win for the week, but I decided to play it safe and bet $207 on over 2.5 in the Bologna v Fiorentina game to break even.

Though the odds seemed suspiciously good (which usually raises alarm bells), I decided to go ahead and bet anyway.

As the clock ticked toward half-time and the score remained 0-0, I thought this would be another week where I’d have to dig myself out of a deep hole. Happily, a goal apiece from each team directly from corners meant the teams went in 1-1 at half time, with another goal from Fiorentina in the second half sealing the win.

After breaking even for the week, I figured I had enough ammo to fire $100 on over 3 goals in the Liverpool game which seemed very likely.

The game started well with Salah scoring inside 3 minutes, but the score remained that way until deep into the second half, where I seriously considered selling my action.

An absolute worldie from Wanyama in the 80th minute levelled the scores, and a penalty to Kane a few minutes later had me dreaming that I wouldn’t be losing money that night.

Tragically, Kane struck a crap penalty straight at Karius, and I thought that was it for me.

But I could not believe my eyes at what was about to happen next.

A 91st minute goal from the effervescent Salah meant I could not lose, but even more drama unfolded a minute later when the assistant referee flagged for a (rather soft) penalty for Spurs.

Kane would not be denied at the second time of asking, and I had somehow managed to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat.

Before I went to bed, I was feeling lucky and decided to place a bet of over 3 on the Monaco v Lyon game as these two teams have been scoring freely as of late. That turned out pretty well when I woke up the next morning to a 3-2 win for Monaco.

As usual, I won’t be including mix parlay’s in the prediction count, though I do include the profit & loss.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (143/276) / 51.8%

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $2006.26

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