2017 Week 48 Roundup – BPL, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga

What a week this was! I was put through a rollercoaster of emotions which I hope I’ll never go through again, but thankfully Lady Luck shone on me in the end to book a profit of $54.69 for the week, with only 3/9 predictions coming true.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.58.41 PM.png

So what happened?

I started the week badly by reeling off 4 losses in a row, which was compounded by a huge bet on Napoli v Juventus that went sour. Though I tell myself time and again to manage my bankroll soundly, logic always seems to go out the window once I book a few red ones, which is something I REALLY need to work on.

After I was down around $440, I made the fateful decision to bet $500 on Everton giving 0.75 goals in their match vs Huddersfield. A win would have erased my losses in one wicked swipe, but a loss would have put me on the brink of losing my entire bankroll.

As they had just thrashed West Ham a few days prior, and had Big Sam in as the new manager, I was counting on Everton booking a win, hopefully by 2 clear goals which would have meant I would win the full bet and be in the black.

Thankfully, a goal and assist from Calvert Lewin meant a 2-0 win was enough for me to book a big win, which I followed up with 2 more wins in a row. Sadly, I ended the week with 2 more losses, which really rankled me, especially the Sampdoria v Lazio game.

I had taken Sampdoria (+0.5) and went to bed with Sampdoria leading 1-0. When I woke up in the morning to check the scores, I got the bad news that a 91st minute Lazio winner meant the score was 1-2, which meant I lost my bet.

However, I’m thanking my lucky stars that I even managed to book a profit this week after starting so badly, and I hope it’ll never happen again!

As usual, I won’t be including mix parlay’s in the prediction count, though I do include the profit & loss.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : (98/190) / 51.5%

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $566.94

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