Confederations Cup Betting Tips

Another day, another chance at starting a winning streak.

Both games tonight look ripe for the picking, and lets just hope I’ve got my picks right this time or it’s going to cost me.

I’ve decided to go for

  1. $65 on Over 2.75 goals @ 0.93 – Germany vs Chile

  2. $67 on Under 2.75 goals @ 0.84 – Cameroon vs Australia 

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.51.47 PM.png

Reasons for betting :

Germany vs Chile : Both teams have great attacking prowess, and as we saw in the first group game, this inexperienced German defence can leak goals.

If the likes of Australia can put 2 past them, lets just hope Alexis Sanchez has a field day. I am expecting it to rain goals.

Prediction – Germany 2 – 3 Chile

Cameroon vs Australia : Cameroon are not prolific goal scorers, and won’t give up as much space to the Australians since they won’t be throwing men forward like Germany.

Similarly, though Australia are pretty decent in front of goal recently, I don’t think they’ll be opening the floodgates against the dogged AFCON champions.

I’m expecting a drab game, maybe 1-1 which would suit me just great.

Prediction – Cameroon 1 -1 Australia

Hopefully my predictions hit closer to the mark compared to yesterday.

Fingers crossed and good luck to me!


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