Crotone vs Lazio & Sampdoria vs Napoli Serie A Betting Tips

As it’s the last week of action in Serie A, I felt like I could not turn down the chance for a last flutter before the UCL final, even though I told myself I’d wait for the Madrid v Juve game.

After taking a look at the games tonight, I was tempted to go with Roma as they’re at home against Genoa who have been terrible recently, but felt that a 3 goal handicap was just a tad too high. The Over 4.25 Goals line seem a bit far fetched as well.

As such, I’ve gone with:

  1. Crotone vs Lazio
    $24 on Crotone to win @ 2.51 

    – Lazio’s form has fallen off a cliff recently after having nothing to play for in the league and losing the cup final. Crotone will be gunning for a win to overtake Empoli and stay in Serie A, so they will be fighting hard, and I think the payout for a win is pretty good.

  2. Sampdoria vs Napoli
    $26 on Under 4 goals @ 0.84

    – Napoli have to win to maintain their hopes of qualifying for the UCL group stages immediately next season. However, Sampdoria don’t tend to score too many goals, and Napoli’s defence is pretty solid. All in all, I predict a low scoring Napoli win. Maybe 2-0 or 2-1 to Napoli? Basically, enough to place my faith in under 4!

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.39.00 PM.png

With my bad streak over the last week stretching to losing the last 4 games with a combined loss of $137, I really hope these 2 games will help me snap out of it before the UCL final, and put me back deeper in the black.

Fingers crossed and good luck to me!

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