BPL & La Liga Final Gameweek Betting Tips

As we dive into the last week of action for the Premier League and La Liga, I’ve decided to bet on 4 matches tonight with pretty decent odds. Hopefully I can go 4/4 and win around $100.

I’ve written about the final gameweek of the BPL yesterday, and the odds have changed a little since then. Below are the matches I’ve decided to actually have a punt on.

So this is what I’ve gone for, and the reasons why:

  1. Real Madrid (-2 handicap) vs Malaga – $27 @ 0.96
    Fanboy support bet to win the title, plain and simple. Hala Madrid!
  2. Atletico Madrid (-0.25 handicap) vs Athletic Bilbao – $27 @ 0.87
    Though both teams have nothing to play for, this will be Atleti’s last match at the Calderon, so they’ll want to go out on a high. Not to mention, Atleti have not lost to Athletic in their last 5 meetings
  3. Watford v Man City match – $27 on Over 3.5 goals @ 0.89
    Same logic I explained yesterday, with Watford’s crap defence and City’s attacking power, all I see are goals
  4. Arsenal (-1.25 handicap) vs Everton – $27 @ 0.90
    Same logic as before, as Arsenal have to win to have a hope of UCL qualification. Alexis Sanchez tends to end the season on a high note as well, so we could be in for the Sanchez show tonight

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 5.53.30 PM.png

All in all, $108 at stake tonight. Fingers crossed, and good luck to me!

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