Manchester City vs WBA Football betting tips

With Arsenal v Sunderland and City v WBA tonight, I wasn’t sure who to go for.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.09.40 AM.png

The good news is that both Arsenal and City have a lot to play for (UCL spots), while Sunderland and WBA are already on holiday.

I ultimately decided place a small bet of $27 on City @ 0.98 (handicap of 2.25 goals) for a few reasons:

  1. Arsenal v Sunderland
    Though I believe there will be goals in the Arsenal game, I wasn’t confident of
    – there being 4 goals or more in the game (for over 3.75) as I doubt Sunderland will score
    – the handicap of 2.75 just seems a little too high for my liking, though I could be wrong as Arsenal could run riot. But can they win by 3 goals? I’m just not sure. Sure hope I’m not wrong!
  2. City v WBA
    I believe City will be able to win this game easily by at least 2 goals, hopefully 3 to win my bet. However, if they do only win by 2 goals, my consolation will be only losing 50% of my stake. Also, the over line of 3.5 seemed a little scary as I also believe WBA won’t be scoring, so I’ll be needing City to score 4 to place on bet on that.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that WBA will be mentally “on the beach” already so KDB can run riot and win me my bet and improve my Fantasy Premier League score!




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