BPL GW 37 & Serie A GW 36 Result

So how did I do this Saturday? Here’s a summary of my predictions below, the results, and the only game I actually had the stones to put money on.

  1. Man City look certain to beat Leicester, but the 2 goal handicap concerns me. Can they win by 3 clear goals? Also, the Over/Under 3.5 line seems a little risky to bet on

    City 2 – 1 Leicester
    Good thing I stayed out of this as it JUST ended under 3.5, and City could not clear the 2 goal handicap

  2. Swansea will be fighting for survival, knowing a win could all but guarantee safety. However, they are away, and Sunderland seem to play better after getting relegated. A handicap of 0.5 seems like a good opportunity if you’re inclined

    Sunderland 0 – 2 Swansea
    Still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger with a wager on Swansea. They ended up winning convincingly.

  3. Arsenal have a terrible away record to Stoke, but will be fighting hard for their traditional 4th spot. I’m not too confident about the 0.75 handicap, but maybe a flutter on under 3 might be more profitable.

    Stoke 1 – 4 Arsenal
    Got the prediction horribly wrong as Arsenal ran riot at Stoke. Guess all bad runs come to an end eventually. Good thing I stayed well clear

  4. A quick peek at the last 5 meetings between the two teams indicate a high possibility of goals. Coupled with the last 5 matches these 2 teams have played, which have also included high scoring matches like Fiorentina 5 – 4 Inter, and Lazio 7 – 3 Sampdoria.

    Fiorentina 3 – 2 Lazio

    My bet of $85 on Over 3.25 @ 0.82 on Fiorentina vs Lazio ended up in profit of $69! This sure was a nervy one as it was 0 – 0 at half time, and I was sorely tempted to sell my action and cut my losses.

    Thankfully, I held on and it simply rained goals in the 2nd half.

Correct Prediction Count (since blog inception) : 3/5

Profit/Loss (since blog inception) : $60

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