BPL Gameweek 37 Friday matches betting tips

With the BPL drawing to a close, we take a look at the first 2 matches that are kicking off on Friday for Gameweek 37.

  1. Everton vs Watford : Everton are usually prolific at home, and up against a Watford side with nothing to play for, we could be in for goals.
  2. WBA vs Chelsea : Tony Pulis’ sides tend to ease off after hitting the 40 point mark, and they’ll be up against a pumped up Chelsea team who know that a win will seal this years title.


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.11.54 AM.png

Personally, the odds for the Chelsea game aren’t super appealing to me. Though WBA’s form has fallen off a cliff recently, they can still be stubborn in defence. If I really had to go for a punt on this game, I’d go for Over 2.5 goals @ 0.86, which might mean you’ll be banking on 3 goals from Chelsea as I don’t see this WBA team scoring.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.18.45 AM.png

As for the Everton game, I’m much more inclined to go for Over 2.75 goals @ 0.90. As mentioned earlier, Everton tend to run riot at home, with Lukaku saving most of his goals for Goodison Park. Their previous meeting ended in a 5 goal bonanza in favour of Watford, so we know both these teams have leaky defences.

All things considered, I’ll be putting down $40 on Over 2.75 on the Everton game as I’m not too confident with betting on the WBA v Chelsea match.

Reasons for going Over 2.75 :

  • last 5 meetings have ended above 2.75 on 4/5 occasions
  • Everton have scored 7 in last 3 home matches. This is their last home match of the season, so hopefully they’ll make it count even though they’re not playing for anything
  • Watford have conceded 9 in last 3 away matches to Leicester, Hull, and Spurs

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.18.04 AM.png

Good luck to me!


The night finished with Everton 1 -0 Watford & WBA 0 – 1 Chelsea. Overall, a bad night for my predictions, but I managed to sell my action and recoup $10 on the Everton game.

Down $30 for the night. Let’s hope I get my picks right tomorrow!

Count : 2/4

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