Manchester United vs Celta Vigo Europa League Semi Final 2nd Leg betting tips

With the Europa League semi-final coming up, this presents a potentially great opportunity. Usually, I try to avoid betting on the UEL, especially in the early stages, because the clubs are usually familiar enough to most punters to have a bet, but usually  field weakened teams which lead to unpredictable outcomes.

However, I’ve decided to go for a $39 bet for Under 2.5 goals in the Manu vs Celta game, with a payout of 0.88.


cmd 2.PNG

Based on recent form, United seem extremely secure in defence, while also being gun shy in attack.  Additionally, the last 5 games Celta played have resulted in only 1 goal scored. Though they fielded weakened teams in most of those games, it could be indicative of their lack of firepower.

Hopefully this will mean that Celta is unable to score on the night, while United might be happy defending the 1-0 lead from the first leg (thanks Jose!), and maybe nicking 1 goal on the break on the night.

Cup semi finals tend to be cagey affairs when Jose is involved, and hopefully this trend continues tonight.

Fingers crossed!

Update : Game finishes 1-1, with the Celta striker missing a gilt edged chance with the literal last kick of the game. That would have cost me. Phew!

Up $34 on the night

Count : 2/3

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